XY Find It- Never Lose Your Things Again

Do you always misplace your wallet or key?? Your search is over with this Bluetooth Tracker- XY Find It. Losing things is I guess a common problem everyone is facing. The frustration it causes is to the next level when a person is in a hurry. But now find your misplace things and never lose them again using XY Find It Bluetooth tracker. Read the review to know everything about XY Find It.

XY Find It

What is XY Find It?

XY Find It is a Bluetooth tracking device, which when attaching to your thing keep a stern eye and never makes them lose again. Don’t confuse Bluetooth tracker with GPS tracker which also tracks the moving things.

Your search for misplaced things is over with this small-sized Bluetooth tracker. Tracker is made of synthetic durable material and comes in various color which makes the identification easy. It works well the things you require every day such as keys, wallets, and phones.

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How does the XY Find It Work?

This Bluetooth tracker is so compact in size that it can fit into any bag of yours. Bluetooth tracker comes with a loop from which you can attach it with your phone or purse. To make the tracker work you place the tracker near your purse or phone or anything and then pair it with the app on phone. The app will guide the location of your thing and you can easily find it.

XY Find It- Bluetooth tracker

Features of XY Find It

Track the tracker itself

We above discussed that tracker helps to locate your misplace things right? But what will happen if you misplace your tracker? Don’t worry this tracker has a solution for this too. On the mobile XY Find It app tap the ‘Find’ button. After tapping it will start making sounds like a song. From that, you can easily locate the tracker even if it is 300 feet below you. The only condition for this is that you have to be in the vicinity of the tracker.

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Vice-Versa Tracking

The XY Find It tracker works in reverse too. In this case, you know where your tracker is but you don’t know where your phone is. Without the phone, you can’t access the app hence the location of anything can’t be known. But this tracker will help you find your phone also. At top of the tracker, there is a button, activate that button. On activation, your phone will start to ring, can locate the phone easily then.

Tracking Memory

This Bluetooth tracker logs every possible movement of the tracker and stored it. So if at any point of time you are not able to find the tracker, from logs you can get the last position of the tracker. The main thing to note here is, the tracker is working even if the app is not working. This means it will store all the information about the tracker offline also.

How to Use Bluetooth Tracker?

  • Whatever thing you want to track, attach it with the tracker and place it in a bag.
  • Download the app on the phone and pair it with the Bluetooth tracker.
  • Open up the app once it gets install and make a free account on the app.
  • For the pairing process, in the app, you need to click on the “+” button and then click on the “Claim your XY” option.
  • After pairing successfully you can add name or picture of the things you want to track.
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Pros of the XY Find It

  • An only one-time payment is required.
  • It is Compact in size.
  • Long-lasting battery and you can replace the battery.
  • Cost-efficient.
  • Very accessible
  • Easy to install
  • The app is compatible with both android and iOS

Cons of XY Find It

  • The volume of the tracker is not in accordance with everyone.


You can find anything anytime in second using XY Find It. Accessible tracking through the app provides saves you time and free you from all the daily hassle. The tracker is cost-efficient which makes it way to your must-buy list. Grab your XY Find It today and never lose anything again.

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