Winergy Review: The Wireless Charger

The wireless charging was first introduced in 2012 but in the last couple of days, it has become really important in electronic devices. The wireless charging is still taking baby steps in its growth. It is being introduced in various devices during the course of time but is having steady growth. Many Android phones now have the fast charging feature in their chargers but still, the speed is slow. But Winergy is a fast-charging Qi charger that works with all phones and supports Qi charging system.

Winergy - The Wireless Charger

What is Winergy?

It is a fast-charging pad that comes with unique features. It is both Android and IOS device friendly. It has Qi wireless fast charging. Charging your phone or tablet on other fast charging wireless chargers is slow and can be bad for your battery. But with Qi fast charging it can charge your device and is also safer than other charging devices. Qi is a new standard wireless charging, which uses a technology called induction coils. These coils are loops of wire which are built into the wireless charger. When the phone is placed on the pad the charger, the induction coils transfer via electromagnetic fields. It also has a smart indication light which tells us when your battery has been fully charged. This not only stops from electricity getting wasted but also stops your device from overcharging which can harm your internal battery.

Features of Winergy Features: 

  1. The device has 2X faster charging than any other device.
  2. In-built technology prevents overcharging and also protects from short circuits.
  3. It shows a smart light when the battery is full.
  4. The charger is a Qi technology compatible charger.
  5. It is lightweight and portable.
  6. Winergy can recognize any foreign bodies for additional safety.
  7. The charger has a Standard Micro-USB connection.
  8. It is also Android and IOS compatible.
Best Wireless Charger

Pros of Winergy- Wireless Charger

Super-fast Charging:

 Wire chargers are slow to charge. The best thing about Winergy is the 3 hours maximum charge time. As compared to a lot of the competition it is one of the reasons it is so popular. It does not offer 3 hours charge time for a month, then gets worse, Winergy gives you a fast way of charging your device every time.

Efficient Without Wasting Energy:

People often think that fast charging is expensive to use. It is not in the case of Winergy. It has a charging efficiency of 84%. It also depends on the device that is being charged as older phones often drain electricity.

It Looks Great:

Winergy is not bulky which puts some people off. No one likes to use that technology which does not look good. The device is covered in tempered glass which gives it a slick look and clean edges. The lamp in the mid rim is what makes it different. In the black design, it glows giving the whole device a different look.

Winergy Best Wireless Charger

The Most Convenient Way of Charging:

Too many wires cause a haphazard situation on the desk while working or even in your homes. This is where Winergy is different than others. It is a slimline wireless charger so it makes a wired connection for your phone unnecessary and makes it look good. Also, it fits into your pocket and carried around easily.

Compatible with Many Devices:

It is compatible with many devices such as any Qi device. The device also works for phones like S8, S8 Plus, Note 8, S7 Edge and many others. For phones that offer fast charging, it offers 5W of charge power which is great for phones like iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus.

It is a Smart Gadget:

The technology used in this is very impressive. Smart chip that being used will automatically charge the devices that are compatible with this product, meaning it starts its work as soon as you rest your phone on the charger.

Better Than Competition:

The product is offered at a reasonable price as compared to its competition with a very high standard of performance. Tests have shown that Winergy charges 2X faster than any other wireless charger.

Best Wireless Charger

Winergy Product Specifications

  • Output: 10 watts
  • Connection: Micro-USB
  • Charging system: Qi Fast Charge
  • Operating systems: Android & iOS
  • Dimensions:  6 * 100 mm
  • Charging distance: 2 > 8 mm
  • Weight: 64 grams
  • Certification: CE, FCC
  • Material: Aluminium and ABS
  • Included: USB Cable and Manual


The device is a great use. It is a simple device to set up. You just have to unpack it and plug it in, there will be no difficulty in doing that. No installation or step procedures have to be followed. You can use it by simply placing your IQ wireless charging compatible devices on the charging pad and it will start charging. When the phone is fully charged it will show a red light which will light up and you can start using your phone again. With a standard charger, charging the device can be a little slow. But with Winergy it is fast charging and also easy to use at a reasonable price. This makes life in your homes and offices much more comfortable and also the best thing about the charger is that is can be carried anywhere or can even fit in your pocket.

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