WashSave Eco-Magic Laundry Ball: A Smart Option

There are a lot of options for doing your laundry out there. But you can never be sure of the ingredients. WashSave Eco-Magic Laundry Ball is a smart option as it is mineral-based and nontoxic. Bid farewell to other laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets for good. This revolutionary product functions on a physical process that is harmless. With Eco-Magic Laundry Ball, there is no need to worry about wasting water in rinse cycles or residues of detergent on your clothes.


How is WashSave Eco-Magic Laundry Ball Different from Detergent?

Detergent works on a chemical process. The chemicals in a detergent help water to detach dirt from the fabric in a convenient manner. But the bad news is the fact that these chemicals are not suitable for skin. These also harm the environment.

But this is not the case with WashSave Eco-Magic Laundry Ball as it works on innovative technology. The water will be affected by a pumping effect as well as mineral ceramics.

This will eventually help in getting rid of grime and dirt from your clothes. You will be amazed to see the natural cleaning powers of WashSave Eco-Magic Laundry Ball.


What is Inside WashSave Eco-Magic Laundry Ball?

There are four different kinds of ceramic beads in the laundry bead. These are made up of different sorts of nontoxic earth minerals. Many of these are an essential constituent of carbonates, salts, and clays.

How WashSave Eco-Magic Laundry Ball Works?

It also has two magnets in addition to earth mineral ceramic beads. Each one of these has a separate function. Oxygenated water is formed when these components come in contact with water. It will also increase pH levels. And it gets much more comfortable for the ball to get rid of germs and dirt from the clothes. WashSave Eco-Magic Laundry Ball works on the molecular structure of water clusters.

Eco-Friendly Laundry Ball

Improved Water Cleansing Power:

There is better water absorption of water in smaller clusters. These enhance the cleaning properties; allow better permeability and high solubility. Smaller water clusters can work on the tiny open pores or spaces of the fabrics. The technology associated with Laundry Ball helps in rinsing off the dirt from the clothes.

Impressive Features of WashSave Eco-Magic Laundry Ball:


This revolutionary product does not involve multiple rinsing cycles of the washing machine. Also, it works well with cold water. Thus, you save on a lot of energy required for heating water or electricity necessary for running the washing machines using the regular detergents.

Quick wash:

You can stay assured of quick wash or power wash with WashSave Eco-Magic Laundry Ball as there are practically no suds involved. You can skip the rinse cycle of the machine. Also, you do not have to worry about the detergent residues left behind on your clothes.

WashSave-Laundry Ball

Improved quality of clothes:

It will keep your clothes soft, looking like new and bright for a more extended period as it preserves the goodness of the clothing. Regular detergents have harsh chemicals that eventually fade away the color and texture of your garments. This is not the case with WashSave Eco-Magic Laundry Ball.

Increased pH of the water

It increases the pH of water. This will help in getting rid of grime, stains, and dirt effectively. The increased pH level will neutralize the acidic content and lift the oil in a smooth manner. So you do not have to worry about ugly looking stains on the clothes.

Infrared beads

These beads help in breaking the water molecules into much smaller clusters. They will be able to penetrate through the tiny pores of the fabrics and result in improved cleaning. These beads also release negative ions that will bring down the surface tension of water and be getting rid of dirt in an efficient manner.

Active Components comprise magnets and natural earth minerals. It helps water to remove dirt, bacteria, and odors efficiently.

It can be used up to 365 Loads. It means that there is no need to use any detergent or soap, and the potency of the product will last at least 2 to 3 years.

Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Laundry Mat

Pros of WashSave Eco-Magic Laundry Ball:

The benefits of using WashSave Eco-Magic Laundry Ball are listed below:

  • Energy efficient
  • Improved cleaning
  • Reduces plastic waste associated with detergents
  • Recyclable products
  • Protects our land and air
  • Reduces water pollution caused by the harmful chemicals of detergents
  • It can be used with different washers, front loaders, or top loaders.
  • No traces are found in aquatic ecosystems
  • Biodegradable in nature
  • Completely toxin-free

Cons of WashSave Eco-Magic Laundry Ball:

It is a revolutionary innovation and has no drawbacks.


We need to care about our planet. Keeping this in mind, the experts have come up with a fantastic product for taking care of your laundry. WashSave Eco-Magic Laundry Ball is entirely nontoxic and offers an effective way to clean your clothes in an eco-friendly manner. 

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