Upright Go- Say Bye to Back Problems

Poor posture is nowadays common among people as our daily activities are so slouching and everything can be done by tapping on the phone. The physical activities are zero in the life of people today. And due to the elimination of physical activities from people’s lives, it has led to many back and spine problems for people. Young teenagers are having back problems nowadays. The first reason for back problems is poor posture and to solve this problem for you, the use of Upright Go is recommended.

Upright Go

What is Upright Go?

Upright Go is a small light device that is stuck to the upper back using adhesives. It corrects the posture by giving a slight vibration as a reminder whenever we slouch. It prompts us to sit in a straight position. You can download an app on your phone and connect your device to it which provides a work-out program, real-time responses and statistics to help improve posture. Unlike large posture devices in the market, Upright Go is small and compact and invisible under your attire.

Upright Go

How to use Upright Go?   

The device is one inch long and about 2 inches wide with a power button. It comes with a USB port for charging and back pads that last up to a week and also has cleaning wipes.

There are only three steps that have to be followed:

  1. The first step is to turn on the device.
  2. The next step is to put on the device in the right place.
  3. And the nest step is to set the posture right.
Best device to correct body posture

How do the Upright Go works?

The cleaning wipes are provided to clean the device before putting it to use. The shipment package also contains a carrying case and a training guide. The adhesive tapes have no effect on the skin and do not cause any types of allergies. The miniature size of the device makes it unobtrusive so that you can hardly feel while wearing it. the vibration and track only are only the two settings on the device. Vibration settings active the vibration signal that alerts you to sit upright. The app shows your tracking timeline.

The times you have slouched are shown in red and the time you had the right posture is shown in green on the app. The device has two modes, Training, and Tracking. During the tracking mode, the device silently tracks your posture without vibration alert. During the training mode, the device vibrates every time you stop prompting to correct your posture. With the right training and tracking of the posture, the device is claimed to improve your posture in two weeks.

Upright Go

Features of Upright Go:

Easy to Use:

The device is easy to use as it only has to keep in the right place.

Small and Discreet:

The device is small and discreet as it is only one inch long which can easily place under the attire.

Personalized Training Plan:

The device has an app interface and it comes with a personalized training plan to improve your posture.

Best way to say no to back problems

Progress Tracker:

The progress tracker is provided to see if you are following the right posture at all times. The times you have slouched are shown in red and the times you had the right posture are shown in green.

Muscle and Back relief:

The device provides muscle and back relief as in alerts every time you are not in the right posture.

How much does Upright Go cost?

The device costs $99.95. the bundle includes the device, a travel case, and a charging cable, 3 alcohol pads with 9 adhesive pads and a guide kit. You can buy bundles to save more on the price.

Best way to correct body posture

Pros of Upright Go:

Easy Usage:

The usage isn’t difficult, but the setup is quite complicated. Once setting it up is done, all you do is turn it on, stick it on your back, and you’re good. Just have a smartphone and have downloaded the app to use it.

Small Size:

This device fits on the palm of your hand. So, when using it, it’s not visible to anybody. You won’t feel the product heavy as it is very light weighted. The vibration that release also feels very gentle to the body. You can wear light clothing with it.

Feel more confident:

 Standing with your back straight will make you feel more confident in any situation. It also increases oxygen transport to your brain for better functioning.

Muscle and back relief:

The main job of this posture corrector is to provide relief to muscle and back issues from improper posture. You can wear this at all times when you’re sitting in front of your desk or going for a run. It will help you improve posture. You can see the results in 14 days.

Upright Go

Progress tracker:

The device records your posture habits and syncs them with the app to see the progress. The insightful charts help in knowing how much you need to work on so you can improve posture. The feedback is displayed in real-time so the progress can be viewed over time.

Cons of Upright Go

The only Disadvantage of the Upright Go is that the sticky pad does not hold in place during exercise. This is the only con of the product.


The Upright Go posture trainer gradually improves your posture by applying gentle, consistent vibrations and creating a personalized workout program. It has a major impact on health and well-being. The device shows how much is accomplishable with just a few simple changes. It is recommended to combine the Upright Go with yoga, massage therapy and stretching to treat soreness brought about by the body adjustments. The device is an affordable posture trainer with an added technological advancement.

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