Tactic Air Drone – All That You Need to Know

Drone selfie is new terminology and has become a rage among people. It is a smart way of capturing videos from different angles and then showing them to near and dear ones. If you have a look at the quality of such photos or videos, you will be amazed.

These will surely get your attention due to their unmatched quality. But not everyone is open to the idea as in the yesteryears these were used only by military forces. So people think that buying a drone will cost a fortune. Well, this is not the case. Tactic Air Drones are the in-thing these days. These high-performance models have completely changed everything. A lot has changed in terms of performance, quality, and range over the period due to advanced technology.

Tactic Air Drone

What is Tactic Air Drone?

This revolutionary product is an improved model of drone. Tactic Air Drone stands out from the rest as it supports several amazing features which result in better videos and photos. This masterpiece ensures that you get videos of 4K resolution. The footage of professional quality will surely leave you to be spellbound. And the best part is that it supports a lightweight and foldable structure.

It is a smart gadget that has taken professional photography to an altogether different dimension. You get to use the dual cameras feature of Tactic Air Drone together or independently. It supports advanced features like 4K HD cameras, lower as well as upper. You will also get to see a mobile APP of advanced photography. It allows the user to use the camera as well as the drone with great ease.

Best Dual Camera 4k resolution drone

Features of Tactic Air Drone:

Shoot videos with high accuracy

It is the 4K UHD resolution which allows the user to optimum quality videos in 30 frames per second.

Avoid collisions

Tactic Air Drone supports in-built sensors. It means that you do not have to worry about accidents with a range of obstacles.

Smart gesture control

You get the complete freedom to control and launch the Tactic Air Drone with great ease due to the feature of gesture control.

Tactic Air Drone

Improved battery

You can easily use the smart device for more than 20 minutes. It means that it will stay in the air for that much period without any difficulty.

Effortless shooting

The smart feature of professional camera stabilization will give you an effortless shot.

Dual cameras

You can use both the cameras for extensive-angle shoots.

Best Dual Camera drone

High Convenience with Tactic Air Drone

You can use the drone and carry it around with ease due to its compact size.

“Follow me” feature

The drone will start following you around with this intelligent feature. It will follow the photographed subject practically everywhere. All that you need to do is swipe on the mobile device. It is a revolutionary feature as you can focus on a moving object. You need not think twice if you wish to make a cool video while running, cycling or hiking. All that you need to do is activate the “smart follow me mode.” You will get a personal photographer or videographer.

Trajectory Flight

The flight path can be pre-programmed by simply drawing it on the screen of your mobile. Now you can leave the rest on the drone as it will be following the trajectory path during video shooting.

Optical Flow Sensor

It means that the cameras will be completely stabilized during shooting. It means that you will be getting better quality videos and images. There is no need to worry about bad weather while making a video.

What Can You Expect From Tactic Air Drone?

  • Shoot videos from infinite shots with an adjustable 4K HD camera.
  • Get stable floating with an optical flow positioning.
  • The built-in barometer ensures that you take the drone to a certain altitude while taking off.
  • Gesture photograph allows you to shoot videos or photos with hand or palm gesture.
  • Prettify the videos and photos with MV Editing.
  • You can fully charge it in about 150 minutes and you get a flight time up to 20 minutes.
  • There is an in-built 6-axis gyro.
  • Dimensions of the product when unfolded is- 270x260x60mm and when it is folded its dimension becomes- 136x85x60mm
Tactic Air Drone

Pros of Tactic Air Drone

Tactic Air Drone an Advanced machine

Even beginners can use this intelligent machine with great ease. You can stay assured of professional results. Take-offs are possible with a single click. There are improved features four channels supporting led lights, a 6-axis gyroscope for smooth flying. This quadcopter camera ensures that there is no flying damage. You get to control slow or fast flies. Now set the height with accuracy with an improved density pressure sensor.

Easy to transport

You will be getting a comfortable carry bag with Tactic Air Sensor. The folding technology is three dimensional. It means that the flight stability will not be affected even after several folds. The modular batteries are interchangeable, and this machine has been built, keeping in mind the needs of the beginners. You get to enjoy impressive features like wireless remote control, mobile phone integration, and a video range of video shooting capabilities.

All these features and benefits make Tactic Air Drone a top pick.

Best dual camera drone

Cons of Tactic Air Drone

Some of the users face problems while buying this drone as it can be purchased only from the official website. But the entire method is entirely safe, and you get to enjoy free shipping also.


If you wish to shoot professional-quality videos without the help of photographers, then you must buy this innovative Tactic Air Drone. It is a must buy as the impressive features will surely amaze you. Go for this smart machine, and you will not regret it.

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