Saalt Cups- For Better Menstrual Care

As it is that time of the month, women have to go through major hormonal changes that can cause exhaustion in the body. From a certain age, women have to go through this every month and there is nothing they can do about it. Hygiene is one of the major factors during periods and every girl should have a safe and hygienic period to avoid any problems. The usage of tampons and pads is most common but they can cause problems too. This is where the saalt cups come in use.

Saalt cups

What are Saalt Cups? 

Saalt cups are silicone cups made for the collection of the menstrual flow rather than absorbing it like pads or tampons. It can last up to 12 hours due to which the problem of changing pads or tampons time and again is eliminated. These are easy to use and are 4 times more hygienic than the regular pad or tampon. Silicone cups are soft and comfortable specially designed for the wellness of women. They provide 100% hygiene and fit perfectly inside.

Features of Saalt Cups:

Flexible Sizes

The Saalt cup comes in two sizes depending on the blood flow of the person. The first one is 42mm wide and 70mm long without the tip. This cup can collect 25 ml of menses. It is a good option for women who have light menstruation whereas the other cup is 47mm wide and 70 mm long without the tip and can collect 35mm of menses. It is for women with high menstrual flow.

Best Cups for menstrual care

Easy to Use

The Saalt Cup is easy to use and it fits easily in the cherry without causing any problem with the user. It is soft yet firm which makes it easy to open and insert.

Aesthetically Pleasing:

The design of the Saalt cup is pleasing as it comes with a stylish pouch to carry around easily. The material used to make the product is medically approved silicon and the product is well designed. However, the products have to wash when putting to use as they are not shipped in a sterile environment.

Safe and Sanitary:

The product is tested and each cup is safe to use. The product is FDA compliant and chemical-free. No traces of any type of chemicals are found on the product.

Saalt cups

How to use the Saalt Cups?

Sanitize Your Hands:

Make sure to clean your hands before you have to insert the cup. The sanitation of hands is important in this.

Put the Saalt Cup:

For this, you have to fold the Saalt Cup half and push it inside and then pull it towards your tailbone. You have to make sure that the cup is not placed too high and the cup is popped open so that it doesn’t leak.

Removal of the Cup:

You have to squeeze the Saalt Cup from the base slowly using your two fingers and fold the suction seal. Then empty the content in the toilet or sink. You have to do it every 12 hours.

Cleaning of the cup:

You can clean the Saalt Cup menstrual cup soap or mild soap and make sure the soap is removed and nothing stays on.

Best Menstrual cup

Factors to consider when picking the Saalt Cups Size:

  • The teen physique is suggested to buy the small size of the Saalt Cup.
  • The girls who are not very sexually active should go for the small size of the Saalt Cup because their hymen muscles are tighter.
  • The women who have given birth should use the regular size.

Pros of Saalt Cups

  • Hygiene to use.
  • Protect for a continuous 12 hours for leakage.
  • The silicone material used in cups is soft in texture hence comfortable in use.
  • Saalt Cup comes in Flexible sizes.
  • Degradable waste
  • 90-days money return guarantee
  • Provide double leak protection.
  • Menstrual cups are easy to clean.
Best Cups for Menstrual hygiene

Cons of Saalt Cups

  • Expensive than the normal tampoons.
  • Holes of the suction pump in the Saalt Cup is hard to clean.


The best quality of the Saalt Cup is that it is flexible and easy to use. It can free a person from the task of changing the pads or tampons 5-6 times a day. The Saalt Cup is long-lasting and causes no damage. It is completely safe to use and with the material that is used to make the Saalt cup is medically approved, it is highly recommended to use.

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