Flex Safe- Protect your Things while Traveling

Nobody leaves their valuables unattended while going out. There is one person who sits back and looks out for wallet or keys or phones. Isn’t it unfair?? That person too is out for fun not for guarding the valuable. From many gadgets out in the market, we found Flex Safe to be the most trusted gadget. Here read all about the gadget and make a buy to protect your things while traveling.

Flex Safe- Potable Travel safe

What is Flex Safe?

Flex Safe is your on go portable safe. It is a small pouch made of waterproof material and RFID blocking material. This Travel Safe comes with a 3 Digi lock flap that attaches to your nearby chair or your umbrella or anything. Attach it to the chair and lock it with your personal 3 Digi code. So with Flex Safe, you don’t have to worry about your stuff, just go out and have fun.

Safeguarding your valuables on a trip is a brainstorming task. No matter how safe a place is you just can’t leave your things out of your sight. After all, nobody wants his belongings being stolen. Flex Safe is your ultimate portable safe that keeps your belongings safe.

Flex Safe

Build and Design of Portable Travel Safe

Flex Safe is made of a material that protects your belongings from thieves. Portable travel safe has dimensions of 10“ x 6“ x 3“ inches and weight of 10 oz. The travel safe bag is made of different layers which make it a more safer option while traveling. It is made of slashing proof material that won’t allow thieves to cut through the bag to steal things. The Portable Travel Safe is made of RFID material so that it would be impossible for the thieve to scan things inside the portable travel safe. The safe is made of a 3mm EVA rigid material so to protect things from breaking. Most Important, the travel safe is made of waterproof material.

Flex Safe has a zipper that folds back on itself. This protects the bag from opening when it is close. The interior of the safe is quite spacious. It can hold your keys, wallets, phone, and camera easily. 3 Digi lock system makes it user-friendly. You can lock and unlock it as per your need.

The exterior of the Safe is quite simple some of the pouches and zips to keep your non-valuable things such as sunglasses or pens. At the bottom of the bag is a hole which helps in keeping dry.

Ultimate Travel Safe

Features of Flex Safe

1- Water-Resistant material

Flex Safe is made of a water-resistant material. You can keep your camera and phone without worry about them to get wet. Now you don’t need to carry extra plastic sheets with you to keep your stuff safe.

2- RFID Blocking Material

Portable Travel safe is made of RFID blocking material which prevents you from electronic pickpocketing. This blocks the scanning of your official credentials such as passport, debit or credit card, phone, etc. RFID material blocks transmitting of the information from your phone or cards to the thieves.

3- Lightweight Portable Travel Safe

Unlike many other lock boxes, Flex Safe is easy to carry and made of lightweight material. It looks more like a belt bag so it doesn’t attract the attention of thieves much.

4- Belt Loop-Handy to carry

This travel safe bag has a belt loop which makes it handy to carry. You can carry it on a bicycle, can loop it around the umbrella pole of the table. One can carry this safe as a belt bag.

5- 3-Digi Lock

Your stuff in the Flex Safe is safe because of 3-Digi Lock which is made of a heavy nickel alloy. The Digi lock is corrosion resistant so the bag is safe from water or rust. The strength and durability of the lock are tested individually to make sure complete safety.

6- Slash Proof Material

Flex Safe is made of 5 layer material that ensures safety and security. The upper layer is made of slash-proof material. This ensures the thieves can not cut through the safe.

7- Storage Capacity

Safe has enough interior capacity to store your cell phones, keys, wallets, and cameras. The exterior of the travel safe has pouches and zip to store the invaluable items such as a cap, sunglasses or a pen.

Flex Safe

How does Flex Safe work?

With simplistic build and design, the Portable travel safe is very easy to use. Instructions of how to use are as follows-

  • Put all the valuable items of your into the Flex Safe.
  • Set up the 3 Digi loc number. Make sure you remember the password you are setting.
  • Close the zip of the Travel Safe.
  • Look for the object you want to attach your travel safe with.
  • On doing that, just flip over the flap from the object and put the lock on it.
  • You can lock and unlock the bad when you require your things.

Pros of Flex Safe

  • 3-Digi lock ensures complete safety of the valuable items in the travel safe.
  • The material of the portable safe is rigid, slash-proof, and water-proof.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • YOu can attach Flexi safe to any steady object.
Portable Safe

Cons of Flex Safe

The one and the only problem with Fex safe is that the lock number should be longer. 3 digit number is very easy to guess for a thieve. It should be at least 5 digit number.


The robust material, digit lock, water-resistant like properties of the Flex Safe make it must buy. If you are a traveler, Travel Safe is the best option for you to protect your belongings from the snatchers and thieves. Travel hard but travel safe with Flex Safe.

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