OxyBreath Pro Review – Best Anti Pollution Mask

With the outbreak of Corona virus, mask at every store is getting sold out. But people don’t have prior knowledge of what mask to buy to prevent the virus. In countries like India especially cities like New Delhi pollution levels are so high that you can’t go out without a mask. The number of respiratory diseases in old people and children is on rising. No simple white or green mask will do the preventing. To prevent the bacteria and the pollutants you have to invest in high-grade quality masks. Don’t worry we have a solution for you is OxyBreath Pro mask. This premium face mask helps in filtering the air out and keep the bacteria and the pollutants away.

With the rise of the coronavirus and awareness regarding the prevention of this we hereby present you the premium face mask that will keep you safe and protected. OxyBreath Pro mask doesn’t let the water droplet from the mouth of the infected person go in the air. By this such kind of AirBorne disease can be prevented. Let’s get deep and see what exactly this mask offers?

OxyBreath Pro review

Can We Prevent the spreading of Corona virus with OxyBreath Pro mask?

Together with the virus particles OxyBreath Pro also help in keeping you safe from harmful air pollutant. This fact is very much clear that the air that we are breathing is not pure. To help in the prevention of epidemics such as Corona virus we present you with the premium quality face mask OxyBreath Pro.

What is OxyBreath Pro Face Mask?

OxyBreath Pro is the mask with the latest technology. It helps by preventing the transfer of droplets from the infected person to a healthy person. This mask helps against pollution and bacteria. You can reuse this mask and wash it on a regular basis. The material of the mask is very breathable and windproof which doesn’t cause any suffocation. The sponge-like material absorbs all the sweat and material is very comfortable on the skin. This mask is eco-friendly as compared to the disposable mask as you can wash it and reuse the mask. You can maximum use this mask for 388 days which makes it economical in nature.

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The mask’s design is made in such a way that it is very comfortable for the user. There is a big cut near the nose which lets the flow of air in. There is an elastic loop that comfortably fits at the back of the ears.

OxyBreath Pro review- best Anti-pollution mst

Key Features Of OxyBreath Pro

  • Comfortable to wear. Long Elastic band fits properly at the back of the Ears.
  • OxyBreath Pro provides maximum protection by covering full mouth and nose.
  • It helps in preventing air pollutants, bacteria, and airborne viruses.
  • Filters of the mask can be used for PM 2.5 and it is made of Nanotechnology.
  • With comfortable, the mask is also very lightweight.
  • Eco-friendly and economical as you can reuse the mask 388 times.

Technical Facts of OxyBreath Pro

With all the claims here comes the time to show some facts related to the mask that makes it must buy to prevent the spreading of the epidemic Coronavirus-

Functions Anti-pollutant, Anti-bactrial, Anti-Fog
Breathing Valve New 3.0
Filter Effect 95% and above
Two-layer Filteration First layer for large particle and the second layer for nano particles
Size of the mask 27×14 cm
Material Microfibre
Protection Level N95
Mask Style Full nose and mouth coverage and hanging comfortably around ears.

What Else OxyBreath Pro has to offer?

Unlike many other masks, OxyBreath Pro is comfortable in wearing. Its unique 3D design is what makes it different from other masks. It comes in one size that fits all. Its microfiber material nylon mesh makes it lightweight in weight. The material used is breathable and doesn’t cause irritation.

Moreover. OxyBreath Pro has 5 layer carbon filter technology which ensures extra protection. The breathing valve let the residual CO2 out of the mask at regular times. If you care about what kind of air you are breathing and what effect it does have on your health then OxyBreath Pro it is must buy for you.

Best mask to prevent Coronavirus

Benefits of OxyBreath Pro?

Protection against germs and Bacteria

The most common path for bacteria and viruses to travel is through the air.  With all the pollution and epidemics it has become really difficult to breathe in this air. OxyBreath Pro is the way of preventing yourself and your family from these germs and bacteria and lead a healthy life. It will help in filtering the air and keeping away the air pollutant. If you can not fully avoid it at least you can try to keep yourself safe by wearing this N95 quality mask.

OxyBreath Pro best mask for protection against germs

Full coverage of Mouth and Nose

With the rise in air pollution, the number of respiratory problems among old people is rising also. You can’t possibly see the pollutant but they are there in the air. OxyBreath Pro provides you the full coverage of mouth and nose hence, keeping the harmful particles away. Moreover, the nanotechnology of the filter doesn’t allow even the tiniest particle to sneak through the mask.

Breathing Valve and Comfortable to Wear

This mask has gained its popularity because it is very easy and comfortable to wear. It comes in one size and fits everybody very comfortably. Its elastic band ensures the safe hanging of the masks around the ears. Moreover, the mask comes with a Breathing valve that allows the CO2 outside the mask on a regular basis.

OxyBreath Pro

Eco-Friendly and Economical

Unlike other masks, you can reuse the OxyBreath Pro mask. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy disposable ones. Simply was it and use it again. You can use it for the maximum times of 388. You can wash it any number of times a day to ensure all the germs are gone.

From what Particles OxyBreath Pro can save us?

We have been talking about air pollutants and bacteria that can be put at bay by using the OxyBreath Pro mask. What about other un-seen particles in the air? Do we have to buy a separate mask for that? Below mention are some particles that this mask saves us from?

  • Mask is Anti-Fog– Fog in the sir also has trapped pollutants and bacteria which could have an adverse effect on the health. This mask helps in blocking those particles from the fog.
  • Mask is Anti-Allergen- Dust in the air contains many allergen particles which sometimes causes skin problems or can cause respiratory issues. Its Nanotechnology helps in trapping small allergen particles.
  • Mask is Anti-Vehicle Exhaust– 5 Layered carbon mesh of this mask prevents pollutants from vehicle exhaust to reach our nose.

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How does OxyBreath Pro mask Work?

OxyBreath Pro works well with the nanotechnology filtering technique. Through this technology, it can filter pollutants lager than the size of PM 2.5. PM refers to the particulate matter in the air and 2.5 is the size of that pollutant. Particulate matter is different from city to city within a country. It can vary depending upon the pollution level in a particular city.

It has 5 layered carbon mesh filters which don’t allow even the smallest allergen or pollutant to pass through. The website of OxyBreath Pro claims to provide protection from viruses, bacteria, allergens, and the pollutants. You can protect yourself by wearing this comfortable mask from the deadly viruses in the air.

How to Use OxyBreath Pro?

In ordinary situations like air pollution always go out wearing the mask. Cover your nose and mouth to get the full benefit from the mask. In the situation like epidemic such as Coronavirus, we suggest the infected person to always wear the mask. It will prevent the spreading of the virus from an infected person to a healthy person.

Wash the mask every time you have come from outside. Simply dip the mask in the freshwater, take it out and put in the sun to dry.

Best mask for anti-pollution

What kind of Mask are available to Prevent from the Coronavirus?

After the health Emergency in China, the WHO has announced a worldwide emergency. The organization also warned the people of the situation and releases many issues on how to prevent it? There is a simple of preventing the virus just by putting the mask. We have suggested you Oxybreath Pro mask to use keeping its features and quality in mind.

There are two types of masks that are generally used in the market. One is a surgical mask and the other is Respirators. The main purpose of both the mask is to prevent infection.

A surgical mask is worn by the doctors and everyone in day to day life. They are disposable masks that prevent any infection from the droplets from the mouth. It doesn’t allow the droplets of the mouth to go out in the air and spread infection. Generally, wear by the doctors to prevent any kind of infection in the surgical procedures.

But these mask doesn’t prevent the user from getting infected from the airborne disease. It is advisable not to wear these for more than 6 hours as the droplets trapped in the mask can cause the infection worse.

Surgical masks not to Prevent Coronavirus spread

The other is Respirators these are the masks that prevent the inhalation of the harmful particles such as aerosols, Pollutants and other allergens present in the air. Such kind of masks is required to prevent airborne diseases like Coronavirus. Filtering Respirators comes with an exhalation valve to make the mask breathable and comfortable. Respirators work both ways. Respirators protect from the getting infected by the droplet of the infected person in the air and also don’t let infection pass from you to others.

Best mask to prevent epidemic virus

Is OxyBreath Pro Capable of preventing Corona virus?

Since its origin from China, there is a Health emergency being declared by many countries including- USA, EUROPE, India, Iran, Japan and many more. New cases are coming up every day in different regions. Countries have banned flights from China and the countries which are majorly infected.

Even after locking down the whole of Wuhan from where it is started, the newspapers are filled with new cases in other countries also. South Korea, Italy, Iran, Japan are the countries which majorly affected after china.

Many safety guidelines have been issued by the WHO to prevent the spreading of the virus. These guidelines include wearing masks while a person goes out. From this, the purchase of masks increase and people started wearing them at crowded places such as airports and markets.

OxyBreath Pro page has mentioned protection from the new virus but it doesn’t specifically mention Coronavirus. Any bold statement could harm the company. The prevention of the virus from this is not clear but the website has claimed to protect from the allergens, viruses, and bacteria. During this time of the epidemic, it is safe to wear a mask if you are going out. The WHO has also released other guidelines on how to prevent against Coronavirus. These are mentioned below stay tuned.

OxyBreath Pro

Basic protective measures against the new coronavirus

The WHO positively updates its official website for the guidelines related to the COVID-19 outbreak. It is continuously affecting people in China and other countries. The symptoms of the virus are similar to a common cold mild headache, body ache, and fever. Recovering of the people with weak immunity and a prior disease is difficult. Many deaths in different regions have been reported so far. Guidelines to prevent the spreading of the virus is as follows-

  • Wash your hands with alcohol soap frequently. Keep a sanitizer with you always so that you can clean your hands regularly. It will kill and wash away the virus that is on your hand.
  • Avoid going to crowded places. Maintain a good 3 feet distance from the person that is sneezing or is infected. When a person sneezes small droplets from his mouth get into the air. If you stand too close to that person you will end up inhaling those droplets. So if that person is COVID-19 positive then you might also get infected with the virus.
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth too much. Hand, mouth, and eyes are the common open areas that we touched mostly intentionally or unintentionally. Our face and hands usually stay bared covering to the minimum. Hence they more vulnerable parts to catch the virus. Repeat touching to the mouth and nose will transfer the virus from hands to nose or mouth. This can make you catch the virus and sick.
  • Try to keep Respiratory Hygiene. This involves covering the mouth with a mask. If you want to sneeze cover it with your mouth and nose with a tissue and throw that tissue away immediately. Droplets while sneezing may enter the air and can travel to the nose of the healthy person. Try to teach your parents and kids around you the same thing.
  • If you have a continuous cough or cold or have fever consult a nearby hospital. If you are not feeling well stay at your home don’t go outside. Visit the local health authority for more help and information. If they find something suspicious they can take proper actions to prevent you and others from getting infected.
  • Always seek the advice of the health care provider and stay informed regarding the current situation related to COVID-19. Follow the protocol at your office or home or building to prevent this virus from spreading. Health Care officials are well versed with the current situation and they can guide you better regarding the prevention from the virus in your locality.
Best mask to prevent against Coronavirus


OxyBreath Pro has a unique design to protect the entrance of the virus particle through the mask. Its Nanotechnology and 5 layered carbon mesh don’t allow even the tiniest particle to enter. Its breathing valve makes the ventilation easy and makes it comfortable to wear. The mask is eco-friendly and economical as you can reuse it by simply washing it out.

Though the company has not claimed any prevention against the virus, its features and high-grade quality is what make it desirable. During such an epidemic outbreak OxyBreath Pro is the need of the hour. Go get your mask today. Stay protected and stay safe.


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