KeySmart- Compact Key Organizer Review

Be it anybody housewife or corporate CEO, they all struggle in keeping the keys organized. More the vehicle more the keys, more the rental properties means more keys. For the ones who generally carry a bunch of keys, KeySmart comes as a handy tool for them. It is a smart Key holder that helps in keeping your keys in place and organize. Read the review of the KeySmart-Compact Key organizer For better knowledge.

KeySmart- Compact Key Organizer

What is KeySmart?

Keysmart is an innovative design created for the storage of a large number of keys. With a similarity to the swiss knife, in shape and size, keySmart is pocket-friendly and can be carried anywhere. The dimensions of the keySmart are (without keys): 3.75”x 0.75”x 0.5” (9.53cm x 1.92cm x 1.27cm). It helps in the storage and maintenance of a large number of keys at work or at home. The keyholder comes with an embedded Tracking Chip to track the where how of the keys.

Compact Key Organizer

Features and specifications of Keysmart

Embedded Tracking Chip-

The keyholder comes with an embedded Tracking Chip to track the where how of the keys. It simply makes tracking easy.

Connection via Bluetooth

KeySmart can be connected to any smart devices via Bluetooth. Connect your phone with the device via Bluetooth to track the device.

Built-in LED Light

The compact key organizer comes with a built-in LED light. The light helps you to locate the key in the bunch of keys at night

Hold 10 Keys at One Time

The device might look compact in size but it has capacity to hold 10 keys together at one time.


Good Battery Back-Up

KeySmart can work up to 2+ months once charged depending on the usage. You need not charge the organizer on a daily basis. You can charge it on Sundays and whenever you are free because it has battery back-up of 2 months.

Good material

The material is aluminum that can withstand different temperatures. Be it winters or summers KeySmart can withstand all the temperatures. Some of the accessories also made of stainless material.

Compatible with iOS and Android Operating system

The KeySmart app is available on iOS and Android to locate the Keysmart Pro and make it ring. It works well with both the operating systems.

How to assemble Keysmart?

To assemble KeySmart the following steps should be followed:

  1. The first step is to remove all the screws located at each end and lift off the top piece of metal. This shows the blank keys and spacers inside.
  2. Then the first key will be placed on the top of the metal piece that sticks up from one end.
  3. When the second key is added, it should be placed on the opposite end.
  4. Then a spacer is to be set on the top of each key.
  5. As the keys are stacked and the spacers are used, alternate on both sides to make sure that the keys are stacked evenly.
  6. The final step is to add the top piece and use the screws to secure the top and bottom of the tool together. You can use as many spacers as you need.
Smart Key holder

The Various Keysmart Models:

Keysmart Leather:

This model is with a fashionable look and is precisely for the street smarts. A compact designed to fit in any pocket comes with the same features as the classic model but the leather adds the extra touch to it.

Keysmart Rugged:

The design with a bottle opener and a pocket clip is an upgrade of the classic model. It has a rugged design that is apt for its higher price. With the bottle opener you can pop open a cold beer and the pocket clip helps the tool to not go too deep into the pocket.

Keysmart Bright:

The model with an LED light helps to overcome the fear of darkness with just one click. The clear beam helps to lighten up the area. The light is placed on the outer end which does not use up the space for the keys given by the manufacturer.

Keysmart Pro with Tile App Location:

The pro model helps the ones who are in a habit to lose their keys frequently. The pro model comes with a tile app that helps in locating the holder in case someone losses it. The Tile Smart Location is already installed in the holder. In case you lose your keys then you can pull up the maps and track the KeySmart through GPS. The app then plays a short song or noise on the holder for the user to know where they lost the key holder and the same can be done in case of mobile phone is the user loses their phone then the keyholder can help them locate it. It is consistent with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

KeySmart- Compact Key Organizer

Pros of Keysmart

Here are some benefits of the product:

  • The product helps in solving the problem of carrying multiple keys and then losing them.
  • The product helps in saving damages done to the clothes as too many keys weigh down the clothes and cause the lining to tear apart.
  • The keysmart manufacturers provide expansion packs that can add up space yo your products with some accessories too.
  • The material used in keysmart is of top-notch quality.
  •  The keysmart has a universal design as it can be used to store any type of key without any problem. Keysmart uses the S design to hide different types of keys and keep the jagged edges from sticking out.
  • The keysmart models come in multiple colors and it provides a wide variety to the buyers to choose from.
  • It provides a two-year warranty.
Smart Key Organizer

Cons of KeySmart

  • The keysmart can confuse the users as to which key they need if there is a bulk of keys in the holder. As all the keys are on the outer shelf the user as to know what the specific key looks like which can be troublesome for the customer.
  • The accessories that are provided with the product are causing a problem for the customers as they do not know how to use them. The main problem was with the USB as the whole keyholder had to be taken apart if the USB has to be removed.
  • The process of assembling the keysmart is not provided with the product and it can be difficult for the customers to search the instructions on the internet time and again.


The keysmart is definitely a price worthy as it provides a zillion benefits to the customer. The company has designed specific models keeping in mind the uses that the customer can put it to. The leather model is waterproof whereas the classic model is suitable for everyone. The tech enthusiasts can use the pro model. The keysmart review above can help in making the right choice.

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