Kangaroo Motion Sensors- Home Security System Review

The security in any home is the primary concern of the homeowner. With a wide range of the new technologies that are being invented by the minute, Kangaroo Motion Sensors provides a simple and a basic solution for the professionals to keep an eye on all the activities taking place in their absence in their house. Kangaroo Motion Sensors connects with your phone and update you regarding all motion activities that has been placed in your house. Read the Review to know more about the Motion sensors.

Kangaroo Motion Sensors

What are Kangaroo Motion Sensors?

Kangaroo motion sensors is a startup smart home security service company based in New York. With their initial staging in the market, they are not a full security company but they provide only motion and entry sensors till now. Sensors are completely wireless and it easy to install. It helps in monitoring activities from your phone or get a professional monitoring service. But these sensors do not work with other smart home devices such as cameras, sirens or DIY security cameras.

Design and performance of Kangaroo Motion Sensors: 

Motion Sensors are the white-colored model with 3.5 by 1.5 by 0.7 inches dimensions and weighs 2.3 ounces. The range of the device is 15 feet and 120-degree field view and operated on 2 AA batteries which are included in the product. It has a pre-installed double back adhesive tape for the easy press. It also serves other purposes such as stick mounting, spare adhesive tape, some mounting screws for secure installation. Kangaroo Motion Sensors come with a user manual, so it makes the installation process easy. It has a tiny reset button and a panel on the back that covers the batteries.

Sensors use an 802.11n Wi-Fi circuity to connect directly to your home’s 2.4GHz network. It can connect up to 20 sensors per home. As motion is detected by the sensors it sends a message and a voice message to your phone. Once you receive the notification you can tap to disarm and discontinue the alarm and call the local authorities in case you are self-monitoring or in case you have hired professional monitoring services, you can let them respond to the alarm.  There are two packages available that is, $1 per month for self-monitoring and $9 per month for professional monitoring services and 20 percent insurance discounts. It also provides a mobile app that is easy to use. The sensors do not support geofencing, Appleā€™s Home kit platform or Google Assistant.

Kangaroo Motion Sensors- HOme security system

Features of Kangaroo Motion Sensors:

One-Time Installation Fee

The users have to pay a one-time installation fee that is $30 and further, no installation fees have to be paid by the users.

Easy Installation

The installation of the sensors is easy as the users have to only chip off the adhesive from the sensor and stick it to the wall. The sensors function with the batteries so users do not have to drill holes for wires. Furthermore, a user-manual comes handy with the device, one can easily install the device.

Best Home security sensor

Access to Customer Support

The kangaroo app gives homeowners quick access to customer support. One with any doubt can consult the app’s Customer support anytime.

Alarm triggered with forced entry

The sensors detect only the entry motion. The latter will reduce false alarms since family and friends could enter the house. If there is no forced entry, the alarm will not be triggered. The motion does not trigger an alarm if the pets enter the house.

Kangaroo Motion Sensors

Easy Return Policy

Kangaroo motion sensors come with an easy return policy. If the device has some defect then the company will return the money in 30 days.

Pros of Kangaroo Motion Sensors:

  • There is no use of a central hub as the sensors connect directly to the home wireless network.
  • A single motion sensor can monitor the full room.
  • Installation of the security system is easy.
  • If the device comes defected can be returned in 30 days.
  • The alarm didn’t trigger with pet’s movement.
  • 24×7 customer support.
  • Mobile app for easy tracking.
Best motion sensors for home security

  Cons of the Kangaroo Motion Sensors of the sensor:

  • It will only alert of any intrusion when the intruder is already inside the house.
  • Sensors do not work with other smart home devices such as cameras, sirens or DIY security cameras.


The Kangaroo motion sensors are low cost and effective way to keep a constant check home away from home. The sensor is very responsive and does an incredible job sensing human motions and ignoring the movement of pets. It has a 1080p camera and it records all the motion-triggered events and saves in the cloud for free.  

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