Glow Bowl- Toilet LED Night Light

Did you stumble or bumped into the door in the bathroom in the dark at night? This must-have happened to everyone when they wake up late-night for nature’s call. This could be because your husband or brother or son hasn’t made their best shot at the toilet seat. Children generally scared of waking up late in the night to go to the bathroom. I used to take an extra flashlight with me when I have to go to the bathroom breaks late in the night. But now you don’t have to worry if you have installed Glow Bowl with your toilet seat. Glow Bowl is the revolutionary innovation in turning scary night bathroom into a fun and fragrant one.

Glow Bowl

What is Glow Bowl Night Light?

Glow Bowl is the night light for your toilet which is movement sensitive. It would glow as soon as you enter into the bathroom. LED nightlight has attached air freshener which you can refill. It serves you two purposes, first every time you will enter a fragrant bathroom and second no more stumbling in the bathroom.

How does Glow Bowl work?

In just 3 easy steps just turn your toilet into a fragrant and a glowing toilet-

  • Fragrant Toilet- Refill the device with Fresh with new Air freshener.
  • Device Set-Up- Install the device at your toilet seat and set the color of LED from 13 colors that are inbuild. Choose Carousel mode for pulsating LED colors.
  • All set for a glowing toilet- Motion-activated LED is all set up and will glow every time you enter the bathroom.
LED Night Light

What makes the Glow Bowl different from other Toilet Night light?

There are few things that make Glow Bowl LED Night light different from its competitors and the list is stated below- LED Night light comes in 13 different variant colors. It too has a carousel mode in which the light keeps changing its color. This mode is more fascinated by children.

It comes with a natural air freshener option. You can refill the air freshener with the fragrance of your choice.

The main USP of this LED night light is you can fit this to any type of toilet seat.

Motion activated LED Night light

Features of Toilet LED Night Light

Motion-activated LED light

Sensors used in the light are sensitive to the motion and light up automatically when you open the bathroom door. This will save you battery as LED only glow when the surroundings are dark.

Keeps the Bathroom Fragrant

With the attached air freshener, every time you enter the bathroom it will be smelling fresh and fragrant. You can refill the freshener from time to time with the fragrance of your choice. Say bye to the old smelly bathroom.

Increased Visibility with LED lights

Glow Bowl comes with the option 13 LED night lights with various colors. You can select only one specific color or you can keep it in Carousel mode in which the lights will keep rotating with 4 seconds of difference. With these illuminating colors, you won’t miss your target.

Glow Bowl

Water-Resistant Device

Don’t be afraid of it getting wet as it is made up of water-resistant material.

Best Suited for Whom?

For Elders

It is hard for elders with poor eyesight to locate the toilet seat. But with illuminating LED it would easy for them to locate.

For Adults

The young generation takes pleasure in aesthetic. So what would be the better option than the glowy LED Light? Right… so get your glowy bowl today. Air freshener is just icing on the cake.

For Kids

Potty training the kids is always a task for parents. With different colorful LED lights it would make interested for the kids and it is hard to miss.

Pros of Glow Bowl LED Night light

  • Easy to clean
  • Can install on any toilet seat
  • Helps in better sleep
  • Easy to install
  • Keeps the toilet fresh and fragrant
  • 13 LED lights
Glow Bowl

Cons of Glow Bowl LED Night Light

  • One drawback of this Glow Bowl is that you have to change the battery.


Irrespective of the age, all can use the Glow Bowl. Don’t think twice before buying the device which is cheap and so much effective. Get your Glow Bowl and say bye to stumbling in the bathroom in the dark at night. Say bye to the smelling toilet with lavender air freshener.

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