Fresh R – Personal Space Air Cooler

During the hot season, it is tough to be home confined all the time if you do not have an active air cooler. Just in case your office room is not air-conditioned, then things can be upsetting. You will stick to your chair due to the hot and humid climate.  There can be nothing better than Fresh R for cooling the air around you wherever you go. It is perfect for providing relief for the heat without spending a fortune. There is no point in having a sleepless night due to the unbearable heat. Invest in a smart product like Fresh R and stay assured of a good night’s sleep.

Fresh R- Sir cooler

What is Fresh R?

The best part of this fantastic unit is the fact that it is compact and lightweight. You can plug it in any USB port or standard electrical and get fresh, refreshing air outdoors and indoors. Gone are the days when you had to think twice before taking a vocational trip during the hot season.

Cool Off the Warm Air Effectively

Fresh R is perfect for cooling off the warm air in summers. It efficiently gives cold air to keep you fresh all day long. You can practically take it anywhere like to the garage for working, patio while sitting, etc.

Unlike fans, such units practically cool around you and not merely evaporate the sweat from the body for temporary cooling effect. Stay assured of a pleasant atmosphere while reading, working, or sleeping with air cooler as this unit doesn’t rely on a power outlet.

Best Air cooler to beat the summer heat

How Does Fresh R Function?

It is an air cooler perfect for modern times. It provides cold and moist air during the summers for total comfort. This device helps in cooling you down in a real sense. It is excellent for personal use and is an evaporation-based appliance.  The water tank of Fresh R will cool down the air entirely and then blow it at you.

It converts the hot and dry air into fresh and moist air with the help of cooling technology. It is cost-effective, portable, convenient, and eco-friendly.

It is not as expensive as the usual AC systems that cool the entire building or house.

It is eco-friendly as it doesn’t involve Freon. This unit is an energy-efficient cooling option for offices, homes, patios, campers, tents, terraces, balconies, terraces, and much more.

Usage of Fresh R

  • Pour water directly in the tank.
  • Plug-in Fresh R and enjoy the cold air.
  • Create your serene environment with this smart Air cooler. You get moist air when it starts functioning. The air vents are adjustable, and you can change the speed of the fan. The motor sensors help in automatically starting or stopping the appliance.
Fresh R- Air cooler

Salient Features of Fresh R:


You need to fill approximately 0.6 liters water in the tank and plug in the unit in an electric source. You can use it up to 8 to 10 hours without any worry.

Flexible rotor blades

The rotor blades can be adjusted as per convenience. You can move them up and down to control the cooling direction.

Purification of air

The best part about Fresh R is the fact that it not only cools the air but also filters it. It means that you will be getting dirty and dust-free air.

Best Air cooler to beat the heat of summers

Three settings of air cooler

Due to three levels of parameters, you can easily use it while working, sleeping, or resting.

Available in numerous colors

You can choose from 7 different soothing colors.

Easy filter replacement

You can remove the filter of the air cooler, clean it, and re-install it in the cooler without any professional help. Filter replacement is recommended every six months.

Benefits of Fresh-R

  • It is a revolutionary product that offers several advantages:
  • There is no need to look for professional help to install the unit
  • You can move it around with great ease
  • Cost-effective
  • Portable
  • No health issues involved
  • Small dimensions
  • Quiet operations
  • This unit is excellent for beating the unbearable heat.
Fresh R- Best Air Cooler


There are no drawbacks to this product. There are some reviews in which the users were not completely satisfied with the efficiency of the unit. But a lot actually depends on usage and handling.

Advanced Proximity Motion Sensor

This is a fantastic feature that helps in considerably reducing your electricity bill. When you are using a room air conditioner, you will be cooling the entire area. But when you need to cool around a specific area, then nothing can be better than your cooling station.


With Fresh R, you get to enjoy some of the advanced features like Advanced Proximity Motion Sensor for energy saving, speed control, LED Night Light, lightweight unit that can be easily carried, and Reusable Filter. This Air cooler can be considered as the next generation in personal cooling. Buy Fresh-R and stay assured to a calm, relaxing, comfortable space for hobbies, work, and reading, gaming, watching TV, or cooking. It cannot get better than this. Get your cooling unit and beat the heat without any hassles.

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