FIXD-OBD II- Your Car’s Personal Doctor

Are you often forget to take your car for regular service? Are you afraid of check engine light alert? This new alert system FIXD-OBD II will save you from all this problem. FIXD-OBD II app will remind to take your car for regular car maintenance. It will remind you before the check engine light alert blew off. By this, it will save you a lot of money. Keep reading the FIXD-OBD II review for a better understanding of the topic

FIXD-OBD II device

What is FIXD-OBD II?

FIXD is a combination of hardware and software systems. FIXD consists of a sensor and an app. The sensor is attached to the given OBD II port of the car. From there signals of any repair related delivers to the FIXD app. All the signals are transferred through Bluetooth. Information includes all the repair work that car needs.

The signals transferred through the app also include warning information. FIXD-OBD II provides two in one solution as it gives a warning and also tells the severity of the problem.

How do FIXD Sensor and OBD II Port work together?

Dashboard under the driver’s seat contains OBD II (On-Board Diagnostic) which is a way-in to diagnostic data. The work of the sensor is to scan all the diagnostic data and send it to the app. This information on the app could be used by you and your mechanic to resolve the problem. No need to charge the sensor as it gets its power from the car itself.

From time to time it will also signal you any upcoming service and maintenance that is required by the car. So drop all the troubles and get the easy solution for your car with FIXD. It will save you time and trouble.


FIXD Review – Design and Key Feature of FIXD – OBD II?

Build and design of the FIXD-OBD II is very simple. It consists of the FIXD sensor (Hardware), FIXD App (Software), and an OBD II port. How the Sensor and app work and signals the customer is described below

FIXD Sensor

The dimension of FIXD Sensor 1.8 x 0.8 x 1.6 inches and weight of the sensor is 0.96 ounces. The sensor is customized to attach to the OBD port. The sensor scans the diagnostic data and delivers it to the app via Bluetooth signal with decoded and simplest information. No need to charge the sensor as it gets its power from the car itself.

FIXD Mobile App

FIXD Mobile App easily accessible app and receive the signal from the sensor via Bluetooth. You simply need to connect the mobile phone with the internet. The app stores the data received by the sensors. The app contains a Scan tab which on tapping signals the sensor to scan the present condition of the car. If the scan button turns green then it means no problem in the car, if turns Yellow then it means moderate issues with the car, if it turns red then it means your car needs urgent repairing.

The bottom of the app screen has a timeline button which will provide the timely reminder of the maintenance and repairs that are pre-booked. The screen also has the Wear Item button which gives you access to log all the information regarding tires condition, battery wipers, battery’s voltage, etc.

FIXD Mobile App also contains a Live Data Option which by using various sources such as mass airflow, Fuel pressure, RPM and others to display PIDs in form graphs and charts.


Is FIXD Device Compatible with all Cars?

If your car is made after 1996 and operated on gas then the device is compatible with your car. The cars made before 1996 generally didn’t come with OBD II port. The device is also compatible with hybrid cars.

If your car works on Diesel or it is an electric car then, unfortunately, the device might not work to its fullest.

Problems being Identified by FIXD-OBD II Device

As per the data, it is claimed to identify 6800 engine problems with other problems. Before the Check Engine light alert below off the FIXD-OBD II identifies many problems with major problems such as high engine oil temperature or O2 Sensor failure. You can clear the Check Engine Light Alert signal through the app if the problem incurred is insignificant.


Pros of FIXD-OBD II Device

  • Easy diagnosis of the car problem and saves you from all the trouble.
  • The app will alert you beforehand and save your time.
  • It will remind you of timely maintenance and service required by the car.
  • The app can diagnose 6800 of the known engine problems.
  • The device is very easy to install and fix.
  • The app store the data of the car safely.
  • No need to charge the sensor as it derives the power from the car itself.
  • Complicated error codes are easily translated.
  • The app is compatible with both Android and iOS systems.

Cons of FIXD-OBD II Device

  • The device is not compatible with diesel or electric cars.
  • Other than check engine alerts, the device is not compatible to detect other light indicators such as ABS or Airbag.
  • After the check engine alert blew off only then the sensor start picking up the problems.
  • It only works with the Cellular network or WiFi on.


The car health monitoring device FIXD-OBD II is an inexpensive option to analyze the car engine problems which saves you maximum time and trouble. It gives you the warning of upcoming problems so that you can manage your time and visit the repair shop. The timely reminder of maintenance due and other services make the device a must buy.

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