EcoHeat S- Portable heater Review 2020

As we know in the winter season no one really wants to go out of their comfy and warm blankets. But sadly you can’t stay for long in blankets. But you can handle that cold with an eco-friendly heater. Many heaters just left you with big electricity bills. But with EcoHeat S with warm days and nights you can also have in budget electricity bills. Read this review 2020 on how you can efficiently heat up your space without any burden on your pocket.

ecoheat s heater

What is EcoHeat S?

EcoHeat S is a compact and portable heater that you can carry it with you everywhere. This small yet effective heater is well sufficient to heat the space area of up to 120 square meters. Its 70-degree angle formula circulates hot air inside your room and makes your cold room hot. It helps in spreading the hot air evenly around the room. It won’t leave any place with more heat and others with no heat. Just press Turn On and enjoy a cozy and warm room.

EcoHeat S works with PTC ceramic heating element that heats up a room in just 2 to 3 seconds. This heater has a smart LED controlled thermostat through which you can easily change the temperature as per your requirement. It also has a display screen and a timer regulation button with many other amazing features. The heater is energy-efficient doesn’t prick a hole in your pocket. This heater is very versatile and safe, you can use this at any place be it your office, home or you are traveling.

How does the EcoHeat S work?

This USB powered EcoHeat S heater sucks the cold air from outside and run it through the radiator. The Radiator heats up the cold air and converts it into the warm air. Then through a fan that warm air blows out of the heater. This is an energy-efficient heater that saves you money and prevents the environment.

What EcoHeat S has to offer?

how does ecoheat s work
  • EcoHeat S has 3 main components that are heater, fan and control panel.
  • PTC Ceramic heating element is used for instant heating.
  • For heating, a 10square feet area EcoHeat S uses 10 watts of the power. This efficiency of the power enables the heater to heat up to a maximum of 120 square feet of the area.
  • You can easily regulate the temperature by LED controlled thermostat which is on the top of the heater on the Control panel.
  • The maximum temperature that you can set is 98 degrees with this heater.
  • The display screen on the control panel enables the user to set the temperature and see all the measures.
  • Fan oscillations can be started just by pressing the ON button on the panel.
  • The heater works on wide-angle heating formula. It can rotate up to a 70-degree angle to heat the area evenly. With this technology, the heater moves from one direction to another and spreads the heated air evenly around the room.

Key Features of EcoHeat S

Safe heater

EcoHeat S design is made in keeping the safety of the users in mind. It has safety features for the overheating of the element, it has tip-over protection. The whole design is a fire-retardant design.

Flexible Functioning

The heater works flexibly between 3 settings. One can choose 600-watt input for moderate heating, 1200 for maximum heating, and can choose a standard blow fan setting.

Portable Design

It is compact in size. One can place it in any corner of the room or office. This compact size also enables the person to carry it along while traveling.

Easy to Operate Heater

The heater comes with an LED display and control panel which is very easy to work with. The person with no prior knowledge can also operate the device very well.

What makes EcoHeat S stand out?

Benefits of EcoHeat S are many and are different for different people. Like mothers are using it to keep a consistent temperature for their babies. Entrepreneurs are using it to keep the chilled air out of their office. Some are using to heat up their garages while they are working. Many hotels are using EcoHeat S instead of investing in expensive heaters for each room. Guest at the hotel can choose their suitable temperature and stay comfortably. Benefits that make EcoHeat S stand out are-

  • Ecofriendly and can use to keep the temperature consistent with the room. It helps mothers who are nursing their babies.
  • The heater provides a hygienic atmosphere by circulating less air. This will reduce the allergy reaction in the family.
  • The installation of the heater is very easy.
  • For personal space heating, EcoHeat S is the best option.
  • LCD smart thermostat enables the person to regulate the temperature accordingly.
  • Ceramic heating element helps in heating the air in 2 seconds.

Pros of EcoHeat S

  • The heater is Portable
  • 3 flexible mode settings.
  • Eco-friendly and energy-saving.
  • Easy to operate
  • No extra installation cost

Cons of EcoHeat S

  • One can buy the heater online only.
  • The shipping process is slow.


With a portable and compact size heater you can warm up your home and can work better in the cozy environment. Buy EcoHeat S today and make your working place more comfortable. Moreover, you won’t be getting such a smart heater with amazing features at this affordable price anywhere else.

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