Dodow- Fall Asleep with this Sleeping Aid

Sleep deprivation is the main problem in this hectic world. Do you often forget things? Feel tired and restless all day long at the office? These all are symptoms of sleep deprivation. Waking up early in the morning still is not a big thing but falling asleep night before that is a bigger task. We in this article will review a Sleeping aid device Dodow that proved to be the Best Sleeping Aid Device of 2019. Stay tuned to know more about the Dodow- the sleeping aid.

Dodow- Sleeping AId

What is Dodow- The Sleeping Aid?

Dodow is designed in such a way that it induces sleep in a natural way. It uses the light metronome that is pulsating and one has to follow the pulsating light. With the time the pulsating become slow and you gradually shifted to the more relaxed state. This will lower your blood pressure and control the breathing. This relaxed state helps you in falling asleep.

Hectic life and stress levels tend to hamper your ability to sleep. Your mind is always active and causes stress which in return releases hormones that stop you from falling asleep. Here, Dodow comes in a role by fighting against all those effects and helps you get that beautiful 8 hours sleep.

Best Sleeping aid

How Does the Dodow work?

The main working principle of this sleeping aid is to relax the mind by slowing the breathing rate. Ideally, when we are awake we are breathing at 11 breaths per minute rate. But as we go into a more relaxed state our breathing becomes shallow at 6 breaths per minute rate.

When the body is in a relaxed state, Baroreflex Mechanism starts. It keeps the breathing to the rate of 6breaths per minute. This in return helps your fell sleepy. Normally this is 8 minutes process, but some insomniac people need more time. They can simply tap twice on the device it will prolong their session to 20 minutes.

The principal of deep or relaxed breathing is derived from the yogic practice called Pranayama. Researchers found out a similar state of mind during pranayama as the state while deep sleep. More and more similar studies have shown the same results.

Sleep well with Dodow

Technical Features of the Dodow

Below find out the technical information regarding the sleeping aid-

Key InformationSpecs
Dimensions4.5″ x 4.5″ x 2″
Weight7 ounces (without batteries)
Power SourceBattery operated
Necessary Batteries3 AAA
Power ConsumptionHundreds of nights
LuminosityLess than one lux

Build and Design of the Sleeping Aid

Shape and size of the Device

Dodow is a small disc-shaped device. Device similarly look-alike alarm clock by the bedside. The only difference is it doesnt make any kind of noise during the session. You can easily place the device anywhere from where you can see the blue light.


Dodow works with 3 AAA batteries, which makes it easy to place without any wire or cord. Being wireless makes it an ideal option for traveling. Those who find it difficult to sleep on a trip can carry it along with them. For normal use, the device can last for 100 nights.

Instruction Manual

The device comes along with the instruction manual. Well written instructions are given on how to use the device.

Sleeping-Aid FDevice

How to use Sleeping-Aid Device?

The device needs no installation, no screwdrivers. You just need to place the device on your bedside table. Just make sure that the light from the device is directly pointing towards the ceiling. This will helps you to concentrate better on the light. The device works well with the persons who sleep on their back. Just shift some of the things from the table which is hampering the view.

Tap the device once for the 8-minutes session and twice for the 20 minutes session. After taping Dodow becomes active and starts the slow pulsating light for deep breathing. Follow the light and concentrate on deep breathing. Try to relax and the Dodow will automatically shut off after the completion of the session.

Sleep well with Dodow

Best Suited for Whom?

Dodow is the device for anyone who finds it difficult to sleep. When you are sleep-deprived you are not giving your cells time to recover from the injuries. Your brain is not calm, which will not let you concentrate on your work properly. The more you are sleep deprived more you face the symptoms.

This device is also advised for the people who are experiencing jet lag. Changing time zones could also make you sleep deprived. You can carry this compact device with you everywhere and it will help you get back on your regular schedule easily.

Pros of Dodow- Sleeping-Aid

  • Compact in size and easy to use.
  • Works on battery- no need of wires or cords
  • Shutdown automatically after the completion of a session.
  • No noise while operating.
  • People of different ages can use this.

Cons of Dodow- Sleeping-Aid

  • It could be difficult to adjust the projection angle
  • The brightness of the light is on the lower side, would be a problem for people with weak eyesight


This small gadget with the minimum accessory can make you fall asleep in just 8 minutes. Nothing could be more satisfying than having a good 8 hours of sleep. With the little investment in the device you can save yourself from a depressive mindset. It can also help you in improving your breathing pattern and will make help you to focus on your work properly. Best Sleeping-aid device for the persons who find it difficult to sleep.

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