CoolAir- Is it Worth Buying?

As the summer season starts, it becomes all the more vital that you are well prepared. Hot and humid nights can turn out to be a nightmare if you do not have an efficient cooling system. Due to global warming, the temperature in almost every corner of the planet is rising every year, at a noticeable rate. It is something of grave concern for each one of us. Each one of us needs to contribute towards the mission “Save Our Planet.” CoolAir is an Eco-Friendly option to beat that scorching heat of summers. Read the further review to know more about CoolAir.

CoolAir- Eco-friendly cooler

What is CoolAir?

CoolAir is nothing like traditional air conditioners. It can be called a moveable mini air conditioner. The best part about this smart product is the fact that it deals with the heating problem affordably. There is no need to worry about complicated installation works or expensive maintenance. It is not a substitute for a robust and comprehensive air conditioning system. But one thing is for sure that it will cool down the temperature of the area where you are sitting.

Design of CoolAir

CoolAir has very sleek and compact design so that it can fit any size of the room. It has in-built 7 different LED options. One can change it according to their mood. In spite of this cooler has an LCD display which helps the user to conveniently use it at nights.

CoolAir- Best affordable cooler in 2020

Why Do You Need CoolAir?

If you wish to work or sleep in a comfortable environment during the hot summer season, then investing in CoolAir is a smart idea. And the best part is you can take it from one room to another without any worries due to its compact design. You can place it comfortably in a corner as space is not an issue with Cooler. Below mentioned are some of the reasons why you should buy CoolAir-

CoolAir is Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Cooler

We need to look for eco-friendly cooling alternatives like CoolAir. It helps in keeping the indoor temperature comfortable, and at the same time, it reduces the emission of pollutants. This is the need of the hour. It is an excellent alternative solution for all those people who wish to maintain the fresh air indoors and, at the same time, keep the energy consumption to the minimum. This product also humidifies the air so that you get an ambient temperature and a cold and humid atmosphere for your near and dear ones. It is a portable fan that can be carried from one place to another without any issues.

Best energy Efficient cooler

No Harmful Chemicals in Refrigerants

These do not involve any harmful refrigerants and chemical agents. CoolAir works on water evaporation. As the water evaporates, vapors will be dispersed in the atmosphere. So you can stay relaxed as this device is safe, eco-friendly, and economical. It can’t get better than this!

Perfect for Overheated Spaces

There is no need to sweat or work in a humid environment when you have a cost-effective solution like CoolAir. It works silently. So you will not be disturbed while working or sleeping. It is a fantastic air purifier for open-space offices.

Features of CoolAir

Compact and lightweight

It supports a sleek design that is perfect for modern homes and offices. It is an excellent addition to any indoor space. You get to adjust the lighting as per your mood with the help of 7 built-in LED lights. You can perform various operations on CoolAir with great ease.

CoolAir- best cooler to buy in 2020

Works silently

The best part is that you are not disturbed at all while using CoolAir. It is noise-free. It doesn’t need too much energy, so you get to keep your electricity bills to the minimum. Get perfect sleeping or working environment with CoolAir. You will be happy to know that it supports a USB jack that can be plugged-in with great ease into your computer, car, or laptop. There is a need to look for an electrical socket for using this product.

Efficient Cooling

You might feel that it looks so small, so how will be work. Well, looks are deceptive, and it works pretty efficiently. You will start feeling that your room has started cooling down within 60 seconds. The cooling process is initiated with three fans supported by CoolAir.

CoolAir- Best energy efficient cooler


With CoolAir, there is no need to worry about the energy bills as it uses only 350 watts of energy. This is ten times lesser in comparison to the traditional air cooling systems!


There is no need to spend a fortune when it comes to purchasing CoolAir. You also get to enjoy some of the generous offers in which you pay you will be paying less than $100 for this product after a discount.

Pros of CoolAir

  • The device is very Lightweight
  • It is Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly
  • One can easily connect the device with the help of USB
  • there is an option of Mood setting with diverse modes of lighting
  • CoolAir is very Economical and affordable
  • The device can be operated with three different stage operation such as- Cooling, Cleaning and humidifying
CoolAir- Best energy efficient cooler

Cons of CoolAir

  • The product has a limited range It can work to the maximum space of 45 yards.
  • Underpowered and capacity of the cooler is less.
  • Adds to humidity during the rainy season


It is an excellent product for all those people who are looking for an affordable and efficient cooling system. You get to maintain the temperature of the room. Get CoolAir and enjoy a good night’s sleep or work in a peaceful environment.

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