Bondic- Liquid Plastic Welder Review

No one throws broken things in the first go, you always first try to fix the thing with glue or take to the repair shop. Fixing anything with glue is not always a simple task. Sticky fingers, wait for hours to dry out is just frustrating. What if I tell you now you can fix the things in one easy step and that too while staying at home. Bondic- Liquid Plastic Welder is a unique adhesive that can be used on any material and fix them.

Bondic- Liquid Plastic Welder

What is Bondic- Liquid Plastic Welder?

Bondic is not a normal glue it is an adhesive that is used to bind plastics, metals and other broken material things. The USP of the Plastic welder is it never dries out. It only dries when it comes to direct contact with the UV light. So if you forget to seal it after the use, it won’t get dry out. The welder is your good to go, friend while traveling.

What all can be fixed using the Bondic?

Plastic welder usage is wide from plastic to metal. You can use it for water pipes, for car parts, for toys, for the craft. It is just you name it and it can be fixed by Bondic. Following are some of the uses mentioned of the welder-

  • The welder is used to binding metals.
  • It is used to fix the space between the plastic which can’t be fixed with normal glue.
  • Welder helps to create strong bonds between things irrespective of the material.
Best Adhesive for car parts

Features of Bondic-Plastic Welder

This master welder is your friend that helps you when you are going to a party and heels broke down. Adhesive helps you when your kitchen is flooded with leakage water. It helps you when your only pair of spectacles broke. It fixed the things in no time. Read further to know more about the features-

  • The product is versatile in nature and can use on any kind of material including plastic, metal, and wood.
  • Fix the things forever, it is hard to break them again.
  • Create no messiness after or during the application of the Bondic glue.
  • The product doesn’t dry when left open.
  • Safe to use the Welder as it is non-toxic in nature. Also safe for children as it doesn’t involve any heating.

How to use Bondic Welder?

The welder just follows apply, dry, and cure techniques to give you the same old product. Detailed instructions are given below-

  • First, like any other glue apply it to the broken parts and join them.
  • Second, expose the parts to the UV light so that it could dry easily.
  • Third, Rub it with sandpaper for the finished look.
 Liquid Plastic Welder

How to Clean Skin if Welder gets it on?

This adhesive is easy to use but sometimes it get sticky on fingers. But unlike other adhesives, it is easy to remove. Follow the following instructions to clean the adhesive-

  • Put the affected area under the water.
  • Apply some mild soap over it.
  • Rinse it with water again.
  • If still, the glue is on apply the soap again
 Liquid Plastic Welder

Pros of Bondic-Plastic Welder

  • Welding is easy.
  • Don’t dry when left open.
  • Dry with UV activation easily.
  • No prep needed and easy steps to follow.
Bondic- Best to seal leakage pipes

Cons of Bondic-Plastic Welder

  • Require UV activation for drying up.
  • May not some material won’t get fixed.
  • Somethings won’t remain fixed for a longer time.


Bondic- Liquid Plastic Welder is the strongest adhesive in the market. This can fix almost all the things irrespective of the material. Be it a plastic toy or metal rod you can fix anything with the Bondic. For craft jobs also you can use this strong adhesive. This amazing invention has made its place in the market because of its features and quality. So don’t waste your time and order your adhesive now.

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