BlendSmart- Rotating Make-up Brush

Every girl wants a flawless makeup look every day. The main key to having flawless make-up is to blend the foundation right. Girls invest too much on blending brushes and sponges to have perfect look. To every girl’s rescue BlendSmart-Rotating Make-up Brush is an easy escape. Now with BlendSmart, you don’t have to worry about the make-up on a daily basis or on a trip. Read this review and make BlendSmart your good to go friend.

BlendSmart- Rotating Make-up Brush

What is the BlendSmart-Rotating Make-up Brush?

BlendSmart is used for blending the foundation perfectly. It works at the speed of 190 RPM to give you a salon-like look. The brush provides you the full coverage in less time. BlendSmart is the first brush that comes with a rotating head to give flawless skin. The one thing that differentiates the Rotating Make-up brush from any other brush is that it comes with interchangeable brush heads. Other brush heads can be used for blending other powder or liquid makeup you have been putting on.

Best Rotating Make-up Brush

How does BlendSmart work?

BlendSmart is a battery-operated device that works on the speed of 190 RPM. The brush rotates just as the hands of the make-up artists. With traditional brushes, you have to blend in a circular motion for a longer period but with the Rotating brush, you don’t have to spend much of your time. You would be the salon ready in just no time.

The package comes with other 4 brush heads that complete your look with no flaw.

BlendSmart- Rotating Make-up brush

What makes BlendSmart Different from Sponges?

Here are the listed features of the BlendSmart that makes it different from traditional sponges-

Salon-Ready Look

Rotating head spins in the circular motion in such a way that it gives full coverage and flawless skin. The brush is customized in such a way that it duplicates the motion of make-up artists to get the blended look.

More coverage with less make-up

This brush is the best option for those who don’t like to put heavy make-up on their faces. Unlike sponges, this brush doesn’t absorb much of the material.

Less efforts and save-time

Circular motions at 190 RPM speed saves you efforts in putting makeup and that too in less time. BlendSmart is the best option for you when you are getting late for any party or function.

Ideal for all skin types

You don’t have to worry about your sensitive skin being spoiled from the make-up brush. It won’t let the makeup clog your pores instead spread it evenly on the skin.

Hassle-free Cleaning

Synthetic fibers of the brush make it easy to clean it. Don’t forget to wash the brush regularly.

1-year warranty

The brush and all the rotating heads come with a warranty of 1-year. If delivered damaged company provides you the 30-days money refund guarantee.

Interchangeable Rotating brush head

The set comes with 4 interchangeable brush head that is used for different purposes. The powder, as well as liquid cosmetics, can easily be blended with BlendSmart.

Rotating Make-up brush

How to Clean the Rotating Head?

Normally after every application, the makeup gets absorb in the brush that attracts germs. No one prefers to use the brush that is unhygienic and fill with molds. So, routine cleanup for the brushes is advisable. Before cleaning makes sure to remove the battery, otherwise, the battery would get spoiled.

Simply wash the brush with soap and warm water. Let it dry for some time and then again attach it with handle containing batteries.

Pros of BlendSmart- Rotating Make-up brush

  • Easy to clean
  • 4 variables of rotating brush head.
  • 1-Year warranty
  • 30-days money-back policy if delivered damaged.
  • Flawless skin in less time
Best to have flawless make-up

Cons of BlendSmart- Rotating Make-up brush

  • Have to replace batteries often.
  • Cleaning could be time taking


Make-up is an essential part of a girl’s life. BlendSmart rotating brush with circular motion gives you full coverage look in no time. The synthetic brush is easy to clean and efficient in blending the cosmetic product evenly and flawlessly. 4 different attachments of rotating brush heads make it possible to use powder make-up also. Make your daily make-up routine fun and easy with BlendSmart- Rotating Make-up brush.

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