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Are you not good at remembering the lock’s combination? While traveling your mind is caught up between the luggage and the fun you were missing out while looking out for the luggage. It could not be the only case with the travel bags, it could be your gym or office bag. Would it make simple for you if you don’t need to remember the lock combination or carry the bunch of keys with you? To your rescue, AirBolt- lock and unlock with your phone itself, hence no need to carry keys or remember the combination. Read the complete Review on AirBolt-smart lock to know all about it.

AirBolt Smart Lock

What is AirBolt-Smart Lock?

AirBolt locks and unlocks the luggage using a free app on your phone itself. The main thing that differentiates Airbolt from other traditional locks is that you don’t have to carry a bunch of keys with you. This smart lock can be easily accessible with the phone app through Bluetooth. So sit back and relax your trip without worrying about your luggage being stolen.

How does AirBolt- Smart Lock work?

AirBolt is controlled with a phone through Bluetooth. The app is compatible with both android and iOS operating systems. Follow the following instructions to install the app and sync it with the smart lock-

  • Install the app on your phone and connect it through Bluetooth.
  • Select the options for unlocking your smart lock from Password, tap on the Unlock button, Add the device as a trusted source and unlock the smart lock when it comes in its vicinity.
  • There is a feature on the smart lock to notify the app if the distance is more than the specified.
  • There is a sharp alarm which went off when your luggage has been taken off by somebody else.
  • Timely check for the power of the smart lock.
Best Smart Travel Lock

Design and Specifications of AirBolt

AirBolt lock is 4.8 ounces in weight and of dimensions 2.8 x 0.8x 2.8 inches. The lock is made up of die-cast Zinc and stainless steel material. Stainless steel is very strong that why it is used in the locking mechanism. The lock comes in a variety of colors such as grey, pink, blue, green, etc.

Product Dimensions 2.8 x 0.8 x 2.8 inches
Item Weight 4.8 ounces
Manufacturer AirBolt: The Truly Smart Travel Lock
Battery 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Features of the Smart Travel Lock

Easy Phone Access

Prevent you from keeping track of all the keys. It could easily accessible through a free app. It will free you from all hassle of remembering all the lock combinations and key bunches. The app has a memory backup which makes it easy for you to remember all the passwords and combinations.

AirBolt Smart Lock

Multiple lock Access

With a different bag, you can keep different lock patterns. In just one app you can keep record of all the passwords that you have set.

The proximity of the Bag Alert

The tracker also works as an alert. It alerts you about how close your bag is. When your luggage is far away from you it will alert you with a sharp alert sound. By this, you will get an idea that your luggage has been stolen or taken away by someone else.

Share the Lock access to your friends

When you are sending luggage to someone from anywhere in the world, you can use the AirBolt to lock the luggage. You just need to give access to your friend who is receiving the luggage.

Protect Data by AES 128-bi Encryption

AES 128-bi Encryption is applied in the app to safeguard the data of the user. This the same encryption is being used by the bank authorities to protect official documents. So your data is safe from hackers.

Approved by TSA

Every travel smart lock has to be approved by the TSA to implement. TSA is airport authority, TSA approved means airport authorities have authority to unlock the lock for security reasons. But they can scan the lock without physically opening it.

Unlocking Tracking

The tracking app notifies whenever your luggage is opened. At airports whenever your luggage is opened it will notify you. It will also notify you about the time and the location of where it has been unlocked.

Best Bluetooth Smart Travel Lock

Pros of AirBolt Smart Lock

  • Safe and secured with different password patterns.
  • Long- stay and rechargeable batteries.
  • Durable and steady
  • Alarm alerts with proximity detection.
  • The app is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems.

Cons of AirBolt Smart Lock

  • The app is connected to Bluetooth could be difficult to sync.
  • Performance glitches could be found because of network issues.


AirBolt is the best option for frequent flyers whose luggage is in the hands of strangers all the time. With proximity detection, frequent flyer’s luggage can’t be taken by anyone else from the luggage belt. Smart technology with cheap prices makes the Airbolt must buy if you are searching for small travel locks.

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